Noun: Eight uses of a Noun

Eight uses of a Noun

1.      Subject of the Sentence – The subject is the person, place, thing, or idea that the sentence is about.

  • The book was heavy.

2.      Predicate Noun – A predicate noun comes after the verb to be or a linking verb that replaces or means the same thing as the subject of the sentence.

  • My brother is the clown.

3.      Appositive – An appositive is a word or phrase that comes after another word.  It explains, identifies, or gives information about that word.  The appositive is set off from the sentence by one or two commas.

  • Our teacher, Mr. Ford, taught us English.

4.      Direct Object of a verb – The direct object is the person, place, thing, or idea, that receives the action of the verb.

  • Jack slammed the door.

5.      Indirect Object of a verb – The indirect object receives the action of the verb indirectly.

  • Our teacher gave us a gift.

6.      Object of the Preposition – A preposition is a word that shows location, movement, or direction.  Common ones are in, on, with, under for, and by.  A preposition is always followed by a noun or pronoun that is called the object of the preposition.  Together, they form a prepositional phrase.

  • over the house
  • under the highway

7.      Object Complement – An object complement is a word that completes the meaning of a direct object.  It is used when the direct object would not make complete sense by itself.

  • I named my cat Garfield.

8.      To show Possession – A possessive noun tells who or what owns something.

  • Hawaii’s volcanoes are still active.

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13 Responses to Noun: Eight uses of a Noun

  1. camille says:

    ,,ayun..kaylangan ko ng examples ng feminine at musculine nouns..bigyan nyo aman ako ng sahot..amp

  2. IRISH says:

    actress actor
    heroine hero
    queen king
    director directress

  3. shierley says:

    more examples po ng uses of nouns in a sentence

  4. Rose says:

    it is very helpful talaga.tnx

  5. jolly says:

    i like it it si so easy to find

  6. eccy says:

    nice post. thanks.
    Just want to comment on this:

    Indirect Object of a verb – The indirect object receives the action of the verb indirectly.

    Our teacher gave us a gift.
    Us is a pronoun

  7. tnks. it help me a lot.

  8. jhona says:

    Thanks a lot ;)Easy to Search ;D

  9. nikkie garcia says:

    thanks a lot….. it would help me in my upcoming exams :-)

  10. VHERN says:

    Hi, I got confused to the example of indirect object with the use of the noun. “us” is a pronoun, isn’t it? Oh I see, somebody also noticed it when I reviewed the comments. It would be better if “Our teacher gave Martha a gift.”

  11. karmela says:

    thanks for this site… i have my assignment in english ….. thanks a lot!!

  12. xerxez says:

    salamat sana di bagsak exam ko bukas XD

  13. yosef says:

    ito na ba tlga ung “uses of noun in a sentence”? thanks

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