Declamation Piece “A Glass of Cold Water”


Everybody calls me young, beautiful, wonderful. Am I? Look at my hair, my lips, my red rosy cheeks and a pair of blinkering eyes.

I remember, somebody says that I look like my mother that I look like my mother. But that when she was young.

Now, I am much lovelier than she is. I’m a mortal Venus. Oops! What time is it? I must get ready for the party!

Beep-beep…!A-huh! Here they are! Yes, I’m coming!

"Child, are you still there?"

"Hmp! That’s my mama"

"Child, are you still there? Will you please get me a glass of cold water?"

"Mama, I’m in a hurry!"

"Please child, try to get me a glass of cold water."

"Mama, please, try to get it on your own."

"Please child, try to get me a glass of cold water!"

At the party, I danced and danced the whole night.

You see, I can’t leave the party at once. I have to danced with everybody who proposed to me. At last, the party is over. I’m very tired. Very, very tired.

So, I went home to tell mama what happened.

"Mama, I’m home! It’s very quiet. "Mama, I’m home!" Nobody answers.

Where is she? I look for her in the sala, but she’s not there. Where is she? A-huh! In the kitchen!

I saw my mama, lying down on the floor, dead. With a glass on her hand. I remember, she tried to get it.

Oh, God, just for the glass of cold water! Mama! Mama! Oh, Mama!

276 Responses to Declamation Piece “A Glass of Cold Water”

  1. wewness says:

    walang kwenta ganun lang? bitin ska hindi detalyado kung bakit namatay yung nanay.

  2. zarren says:

    realy nice….hmmm..

  3. zarren says:

    realy nice….hmmm..

  4. Ishiel Libang says:

    d’you know the author of this declamation piece? thanks

  5. Faye says:

    Grabeee! Thanks po sa gumawa!! May declamation na ako!!! Kakatouch po at kapupulutan ng aral… :)

  6. anonymous says:

    The girl in this speech (who danced with many guys and calls herself beautiful) is a smelly slut and a conceited bitch.

  7. vheigh says:

    I like it to perform this piece….hmmm,like it^.^

  8. jv avena says:

    thank you for posting this..

  9. awesomegurl says:

    I love this! thanks so much

  10. Adelaido says:

    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!

  11. mhae says:

    d’you know the author of this declamation piece?

  12. shekainah grace says:

    thankz now Ihave an idea how to make declamation piece

  13. I really like it,very much talaga!

  14. mykyle says:

    thank u nice piece…perfect” :*

  15. Rhicel Claire says:

    Nc pOe .. yezz ! may DecLamaTiOn nHa aqOe xD ..
    nakaka touch .. hehe :)

  16. joy coronado says:

    its really a good piece..

  17. nice for my declamation piece wish me luck

  18. Leticia says:

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    newest updates, thus where can i do it please assist.

  19. i love it.super gusto q ito :) thank u po

  20. Roxanne JOy says:

    moRe lEsSoN Did i gEt fRoM tHe sToRy A GlAsS Of cOlD WaTeR…

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