Declamation Piece “Am I to be Blamed?”

| September 7, 2009 | 86 Comments

They’re chasing me, they’re chasing, no they must not catch me, I have enough money now, yes enough for my starving mother and brothers.

Please let me go, let me go home before you imprisoned me. Very well, officers? take me to your headquarters. Good morning captain! no captain, you are mistaken, I was once a good girl, just like the rest of you here. Just like any of your daughters. But time was, when I was reared in slums. But we lived honestly, we lived honestly in life. My, father, mother, brothers, sisters and I. But then, poverty enters the portals of our home. My father became jobless, my mother got ill. The small savings that my mother had kept for our expenses were spent. All for our daily needs and her needed medicine.

One night, my father went out, telling us that he would come back in a few minutes with plenty of foods and money, but that was the last time I saw him. He went with another woman. If only I could lay my hands on his neck I would wring it without pain until he breaths no more. If you were in my place, you’ll do it, won’t you Captain? What? you won’t still believe in me?. Come and I’ll show you a dilapidated shanty by a railroad.

Mother, mother I’m home, mother? mother?!. There Captain, see my dead mother. Captain? there are tears in your eyes? now pack this stolen money and return it to the owner. What good would this do to my mother now? she’s already gone! Do you hear me? she’s already gone. Am I to be blamed for the things I have done?

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  1. it sad to say that most of the declamation that had been published by or fellow Filipino We’re written in English language. Kailan kya natin maipagmamalaki ang ating Pambansang wika?
    i mean …yes were proud coz many Filipino had been confirmed as a good writer… subrang kagalingan….nakakalimutan na ntin ang ating sariling wika sa pagGamit ng pagSulat ng Makata o mga diclamation…!
    isang maxayang Buwan ng Wika sa inyo..!;)

  2. rovelyn says:

    tama…talaga dapat na ting tangkilikin ang sariling atin…proud to be pinoy dapat tayong lahat….sumasang ayun po ako….sa komento nyo…..

  3. i proud to be pinoy pero minsan kapag magaling kana mayaman kana hindi mona iniisip na tayo ay pilipino dapat magtulungan pag-mayaman ka i share mo sa iba don’t be self fish kapag nag bigay ka sa isang tao bibigyan ka ng reward ng diyos share your blessing

  4. ang ganda talaga super ng mga declamation nila kasi mahilig ako a declemation iam proud to be a pinay

  5. secret says:

    classmate ko sumali declamation, yan ung gnamit pang declamation nla…


  6. bonsai says:

    it is not wat you right or say but the content of wat you want to express right?

  7. Lander says:

    Maraming Salamat Sa Site Na Ito Dhil Ito Ang Declamation Namen at Wala Akong Kopya . . Kaya Dito Nlang Ako Nag Memorize :D SALAMT HA .


  8. hahaha says:

    wew…………kau n dA BesT kaU eH……….i liKe iT

  9. Chaqui Lois says:

    panu mag post ng declamation piece?

  10. bevs says:

    marami nman taung sariling declamation.. lagi my contest dto sa zambales for declamation at sabayang pagbigkas

  11. ako wla pa dahil d ko mabuksan ang edeclame ko eh?????????????????????????????//

  12. sheila marie bompat says:

    we……..sana ,,hndi ako matulala sa deklamation … ………hrap.talaga mag acting

  13. Danny says:

    wow……. ang d2 nnlo ako…

  14. bheh says:

    nakz!!!! ganda naman ni2 sayang kung i2 lang minemorize ko nung may declamation samin panalo sana ako nakita ko kc ang mga cm ko na nag declame ni2 ang galing talaga

    kaw na da ka :) )

  15. truly,, nice wish i could perform this very well..,.!!! more blessing to me and the one who created,..!

  16. Grey Grey says:

    hirap talaga mag declame !! madaling tingnan pero mahirap gawin ! ahahaha

  17. Haynako says:

    Ang galing galing naman

  18. ImBa pInOy says:

    GanDa perO i reresite namin :(

  19. ruth micah says:

    wala na ba kayong iba pang declamation piece

  20. rhed_boizther says:

    hahahaha….ganda magdeclamation !!! i like it ….

  21. Actually, :) :D The best tong Poem Na toh. CHAMPION PO AKO SA SCHOOL NAMIN :D Thank you dito sa AM I TO BE BLAME HAHAHA

  22. Actually, :) :D The best tong Poem Na toh. CHAMPION PO AKO SA SCHOOL NAMIN :D Thank you dito sa AM I TO BE BLAME HAHAHA….

  23. euricedelgado says:

    This POEM Is the best. Hhahaha champion Ako sa SCHOOL Namin..

  24. Kachel says:

    who is the author of this declamation piece?

  25. abilar says:

    hope that i will perform this well.!! god plss guid em.:)

  26. faith ann says:

    wow,ganda it means something to everybody right?

  27. angelo b casil says:

    its cool

  28. NAthan says:

    anhirap i declaim, mahina kasi ako kapag ganyan ang mood ng story.. pero maganda cya

  29. pau;ine says:

    gonda…. sana matanggap aq sa elemination ng declemation!!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!

  30. ~exequiel*cabriole~ says:

    So”sad,! hirap” emorise!! :) ito”yung ginamit nila kuya dati!!…. Thank you for this wonderful story..////// always smile!! (: GOD BLESS TO ALL..

  31. LuFuS says:

    dapat d na ciya nag nakaw eh

  32. mAria fE dayon says:

    woWW.!its so nice peace…i might used thisvas my peace 4 our upcoming declamation contest :)
    hope,dat i will make it successfullly :-)

  33. Hanamichi says:

    i was so impressed……. :O

  34. maura11 says:

    it’s so nice piece of declamation….it made myself to be proud as pinoy…no one can be blamed us even others because they are not the one who will suffer if times of poverty come..all they have to do is to observe and take themselves to realize if what is the situation behind…

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