Declamation Piece: Bad Girl

“Bad Girl” Declamation


Hey! Everybody seems to be staring at me..

You! You! All of you!

How dare you to stare at me?

Why? Is it because I’m a bad girl?

A bad girl I am, A good for nothing teen ager, a problem child?

That’s what you call me!

I smoke. I drink. I gamble at my young tender age.

I lie. I cheat, and I could even kill, If I have too.

Yes, I’m a bad girl, but where are my parents?

You! You! You are my good parents?

My good elder brother and sister in this society where I live?

Look…look at me…What have you done to me?

You have pampered and spoiled me, neglected me when I needed you


Entrusted me to a yaya, whose intelligence was much lower than mine!

While you go about your parties, your meetings and gambling session…

Thus… I drifted away from you!

Longing for a father’s love, yearning for a mother’s care!

As I grew up, everything changed!

You too have changed!

You spent more time in your poker, majong tables, bars and night clubs.

You even landed on the headlines of the newspaper as crooks, pedlars and


Now, you call me names, accuse me of everything I do to myself?

Tell me! How good are you?

If you really wish to ensure my future…

Then hurry….hurry back home! Where I await you, because I need you…

Protect me from all evil influences that will threathen at my very own


But if I am bad, really bad…then, you’ve got to help me!

Help me! Oh please…Help me!

31 Responses to Declamation Piece: Bad Girl

  1. glenn says:

    who is the author of this piece?

  2. eldelyn says:

    me i am the author of this pieces

  3. eldelyn says:

    i memorize it(:

  4. Danny says:

    wowww……..dhil sa declamation na 2 ako ang highest sa section nmin…

  5. wenna says:

    Yes!!!!!!!! ang gnda tlga

  6. hey!!!!i love this kind of piece…

  7. elaine says:

    This piece is great… Many teenagers like me will love this…

  8. yen says:

    hi! can you tell me whose the author of this declamation piece? i badly need it po. thanks!

  9. Nadia Zata says:

    Maganda nmn

  10. Super says:

    maganda baa 2?

  11. ganda says:

    nothing else somthings wrong its good

  12. chotte says:

    wow i can use this declamation in our miss english contest thank u

  13. chotte says:

    wow i can use this declamation in our miss english contest thank u pro wait kulang kulang pro buti namn marong scrypt

  14. mixx s.. says:

    very hard to declaim it but i will try my best to memorize this declamation piece of a bad girl…

  15. mixx s.. says:

    very hard to declaim it but i will try my best to memorize this declamation piece of a bad girl…hu is the author of this very fantastic bad girl declamation..

  16. ericahpurple says:

    very cute love this

  17. pls… let me know who is the author of this piece! i need it badly! please.

  18. Camille Sarmiento says:

    .. ohh sooo galing 2 na lang gagayahin ko..

  19. marysan tanael says:

    …so memorable, ndi man ako ang nagdeclaim pero nkabisado ko ang gagaling ksi nila ehh.

  20. julienne says:

    sana mataas ako sa room namin pag ni recite ko to !
    Wish me luck !

  21. maryana says:

    sino naman ang gumawa nito?

  22. lyra yuna says:

    love it but
    i badly need the name of the author….

  23. Sassy says:

    Inyong nawong!!!! Hilom mo biiiii

  24. Sheng says:

    This was my declamation piece when I was in fourth grade in the Philippines. And that was way back 1994 I think. And I’m glad it’s still as popular as it was before. Goodluck for all those who wants to try. Just express it with feelings so everyone who can hear it will learn and be heard.

  25. Princess Mae Sustal says:

    nice . :) i thought ma perfect ko to . ilove ENGLISH !

  26. blue bunch gurl says:

    sana maging okey ang performance namin sa english..pwede manghingi ng introduction sa inyo?something like the background of the author,or can be anything else^.^i would be really glad if you’d help:D

  27. Jacqueline says:

    it so very nice…… ito nga idedeclaim ko eh sa skul eh tingnan nyo grade v magaling mag-declaim

  28. nimpa says:

    snu po author nito ? need ko po eh ! :(

  29. chessa says:

    i’ve already tried this declamation.
    but i did’nt win.
    this declamatin so very nice so unique

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