Declamation Piece “Conscience”

I wept, I cried so hard.  But this tears can’t bring back my sister to  life.  My being brought here by my conscience.  I want to ask forgiveness.  But can she still hear?  O heart, forgive me for what I have done, please bring peace to mind.

Dry leaves were crushed down below.  As if to freshen my memories that her life perished because of my selfishness.


She was my only sister.  Since our childhood, I always believed that I was the favorite of our dad.  One night, while I was facing all about to the mirror, with my micro mini, I puffed powder, when I saw Luisa’s face, reflecting in the mirror.  "You can’t get out tonight, Lucille."  I heard a threatening tone from her.  I turned to her, but I can’t resist at her sharp stare at me. "And who says so, my dear sister?" "We are to celebrate Momma’s death anniversary, you know that don’t you?"  In a relaxed and condescending voice, I replied "well I don’t care.  I’m going out to party tonight!"

Then I heard a knock on the door.  I shouted "Help Papa!"  for I knew that it was he.  I pulled my hair, I tore my dress away as I was attacked by a squad of monstrous creatures.  When the door opened the site Papa saw was that Luisa was holding my neck who was trying to make a rescue.  But I cried so hard that made Papa grew to the height of anger.  He threw Luisa to the corner, where the head of my poor sister was hit at the edge of the chair.

I slowly rejoiced for I have made a successful revenge.  But when she lifted, I saw a different sparkle in her tearful eyes. "Ha ha ha ha ha!"  O my, Luisa, she went out of her mind.  I was not able to move, as well as Papa.  Both of us were motionless.  And before we returned to our senses, Luisa ran to the door and proceeded to the open gate of our house.  We followed her calling out her name.  "Luisa!"  "Sister!"  "Luisa"   "Sister" "Luisa the Truck!" "Don’t cross the road, Luisa, the truck don’t Don’t DON’T!"

The next sight I saw was that Luisa was thrown five meters away from the truck.  I ran to her and embraced her.  Blood was all over her face.  In a low but distinct voice she murmured, that made my heart break so much.  She said, "Lucille, please be a good girl.  I love you.  Please be a good girl ‘coz Papa loves you very much."

"Luisa?  Luisa?  Sister… sister!!!"  From that moment I cried so hard for killing my only sister, who loved and cared for me, even at the last moment of her life.

Now can you blame me, for asking God to forgive me?  Forgive me dear God, Forgive me!

80 Responses to Declamation Piece “Conscience”

  1. jessa says:

    ang ganda… nkakatouch…

  2. KEshieL21 says:

    … , i love it.., ur story.. givez me a lesson

  3. kiana torres says:

    i promise from now on……i will love my brother… younger brother…….i will never ever take a revenge on him…i dont want the same thing to happen to him…i love my brother very much!!

  4. yan ung aking declamation nakakaiyak,,,,magsisi din ako yan ha!!!!

  5. SilentMaiden_13 says:

    :'( nakakatouch…
    Nung naghahanap ako ng katulad ng ganito para sa Declamation ko sa School…
    Ito ang I-prepresent ko sa stage!!! 😀

  6. Mendrix Girl says:

    Dito napatunayan na ang pagsisi ay nasa huli. NAkakatouch ung kapatid ung namatay dahil sa huli ungkapatid pa rin nia ang iniisip nia

  7. Andrexos says:

    kung papipiliin aq ng idedeclaim ito tlaga ang pipiliin q kc nakakatouch and may moral lesson pa

  8. erence says:

    It’s a very good declamation .. Wish I could deliver it properly… :)

  9. daniella says:

    i like this delamation ilove this

  10. shane says:


  11. marj says:

    I won in this declamation…very nice..

  12. klowee02 says:

    may i ask .. who is the author of this declamation piece? thank you for who will answer.

  13. seru Byancizimonyohan says:

    cute tong declamation na toh love it <3

  14. darzii says:


  15. AustChin says:


  16. merrynklierseno says: declaim k na gud to/..ka-touch..

  17. analyn says:

    nakakatouch:( namatay si louisa!!!! :(

  18. analyn says:

    ganda talaga ng storya ng buhay nya

  19. MissRufin says:

    O-EM !! THiS!!! ooooh ! kakatouch :'(
    Eto na talaga iPrepesent ko sa room.. naiiyak ako ei pag paulit-ulit ko tong binabasa :'( nakakatouch talaga . Naisip ko tuly yung ate ko.. :)

  20. Ma Jes says:

    Gosh. -.- Poor Luisa. So was Lucille… :(

  21. irene says:


    my declamation na ako para sa christmas program namin…..pero hindi bato makakabastos sa mga teachers.?

  22. haru says:

    who is the author and pubisher

  23. haru says:

    who is the author and publisher of this piece i love it n would like to use it in a contest

  24. chrexie kyle says:

    haaayyy nako ang ganda ng declamation ang sarap ulitin at may na tutunan pa ako ang ganda talaga

  25. chrexie says:

    i love this ang sarap ulit ulitin yan tuloy na miss ko yung brother ko haaayy!!!

  26. Rizza says:

    mapapaiyak ako sa pagbabasa..sayang di ganyan topic ng declamation ko

  27. Rizza says:

    napapaiyak ako sa pagbabasa…sayang di yan ang topic ko para sa declamation

  28. sophy says:

    I love this, this is my favorite piece and it’s easy to declaim

  29. Princess candy catolico says:

    Gosh nakakaiyak sana may na learn na lesson ang akin mga classmate dito.

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