Declamation Piece “Murderess”

It’s already twelve o’clock. Oh, God, I’m hungry! I’ve been running and hiding for almost three days. I’m dead tired. I need some rest. But no, they are looking for me! And if they find me, I will be put to jail. But, where can I hide? Leo’s father is so influential, so powerful. He is the governor of our great province and I happened to kill his son!

No, don’t accuse me like that! I’m not a murderess! Hear me, I’m begging you, I tell you I’m not a murderess.

Audience, let me explain, please.

Okay, okay, okay! It all happened in school one day. I went to the library to find a book. Then I found it. I got so engrossed to what I was reading that I almost didn’t notice the time. It was gone past six and, oh my! I think I was the only student left in the library. To my dismay, Leo was waiting for me outside. I wanted to hide but it was too late. He was already in front of me.

“Hi, Brenda! Can I drive you home?”

I shook my head irritatingly. My God, how I hate him! He often sends me scented love letters in pink stationery which I sent back all unopened. He sends me roses and chocolates, too. They are my favorites. I wanted so much to eat the chocolates, but I hate the person who gave them. So I throw them into the trash. How could I ever get away from this guy?

“Hey, Leo, wait a minute! If you want to drive me home, thanks, but no thanks! I’m old enough to go home on my own, okay? So, please stop following me like a dog! And besides, I’m too young for love and I don’t accept any suitors, understand?”

“But, Brenda, I love you! Can’t you understand? I can give you anything you want. Say it and you’ll have it. And, Brenda, remember, I can get everything I want by hook or crook. So you’d better be good to me or else. Ha… ha… ha…!”

And he started laughing like a monster. I got so scared. I know how powerful his family was, but I still insisted, “Leo, how can you be such a jerk? I don’t like you and I don’t love you. In fact, I hate you! Now, will you leave me alone?”

But instead of leaving, do you know what he did? He pushed me so hard against the wall and started kissing me. I was shouting for help, but no, no one was there!

“Somebody, help me, please! Please, please! Help! Help!”

Then he gave me a big, big punch on my stomach. Oh my God! It was painful!

But even before he reached for me again, I spotted a rusty knife and grabbed it.

“Now, Mr. Leo Monteverde, try to kiss me again, attempt to rape me again, and I will never ever forgive you! Go to hell! Um… um… ummm!”

I didn’t know how many times I pushed the rusty knife in his body. Then I noticed something. Blood, blood… there’s a blood on my hands!

Leo, Leo…! Oh, God! I killed Leo! No, I’m not a murderess! He was going to rape me and I just defended myself. I didn’t mean to do it, I’m not a murderess! I’m not a murderess! But I killed Leo…! I killed him! I’m a murderess! Ha! Ha! I’m a murderess! Ha! Ha! Ha!

45 Responses to Declamation Piece “Murderess”

  1. christine says:

    hehehehe….i like the this declamation piece but it’s kinda yucky because merong rape rape……pero maganda kasi drama…ehhh

  2. virmiel says:

    weh. :) i recited this declamation piece in school.. i like it. it’s so easy to memorize. :)

  3. bea says:

    who is the author of this story???

  4. jennr^^ says:

    i’m now trying to memorized this piece!!



  5. bea benitez says:

    i like itt…:) but its so eww and yucky and such a looozerrr..!! 😀

  6. karrel joy says:

    I also like this declamation piece.. it’s easy to memorize.. but then one thing I would like to know..

    “who’s the author?”

  7. Xtine says:

    I like this declamation piece but it’s yuckkkkk! BTW this can happen in real life

  8. this one’s nice. im on the process of memorizing this piece. hope i perform this weLL.

  9. edmelyca tugas says:

    ,i like it n its so very nice, .this dclamation. .whos the author?

  10. claire khitz says:

    I remember the times when i perform this during the audition in our school..unfortunately, my mind got blanked because aside from being a first timer, i didn’t expect that the judge will be the whole faculty….

  11. wena says:

    Hi !!
    I love this piece!! ((:

    I’m hoping that I can perform it well

  12. dyan.tuble says:

    this piece is awesome.. actually it has been my piece for declamation since i started acting.. now im in college and plagiarism is really really stated on our rule book.. so you guys please post the author cause im afraid i might be summoned to student affairs office.. thanks guys.. more power!!!

  13. I Like It, But I wonder what will be they reaction listening to a grade 6 student reciting a piece like this?

    I think I’ll just leave it behind

  14. diamond says:

    ows..i like ds..,mganda xa..

  15. jekxa says:

    i like it im agree with all youre comment its so cook tumbs up ako..

  16. jekxa says:

    cool i meaN SORRY

  17. pia cinco says:

    hi.. it is very nice.. ahm actually medyo may pgka pareha sila sa “CORRECTIONAL, THE CRIMINAL GIRL” piece na ginamit ko last english month namin.. fortunately i got the 1st place.. e kung ito naman kaya na piece ang gamitin ko? baka akalin nila na binalik ko lang yung una..

  18. khrztn says:

    i luv dz xo much!

  19. paulie says:

    its nice :)

    i’ll choose dis one…

    i wish i cud deliver it well >.<

    _first timer_

    …any tips?? c:

  20. wena says:

    hi.. :)

    this piece is really nice
    it is so awesome ..
    feel na feel ko yung piece


  21. chindee says:

    i lurrrrvvvv it.. i guess..

  22. Mien says:

    why do you have to speak in English even if you know you are not skilled enuf? bunch of effin trying hards…

  23. asiya jenny says:

    its cute,… its time for me to memorize it…

  24. clinton says:

    oh my gush its very touching and a heart stopping declamation piece i hope i can deliver 8 well
    pray 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jeneveth says:


    Love it..!! 😀

  26. ericka says:

    i like very much ♥ in fact i love it!!!!!…..

  27. gooooooooooooood and nice

  28. althea says:

    i really like this piece..pero nung nirecite ko siya na blanked ako ! sayang ako na sana panalo, a little points lang lamang sakin nung kalaban ko …

  29. ivy victoriano says:

    i <3 this piece
    declamation n nmen xha aug. 11
    bdaie qoh pha i2 ang ggamtin qoh:)
    gud lck xkn:)

  30. jenefer says:

    i really really love this one !
    love na love ko din ang I KILLED HIM BECAUSE I LOVED HIM.

    yeah right, who is the author?
    of the same decla that i love

  31. i love this very much …………………….
    this is my piece in our contest…………….. XD

  32. kyzer_joe says:

    some kind of a creative writing..evonne,gudluck….!!!^_^

  33. princess camille anonuevo says:


  34. jobs says:

    Who’s the author please?

  35. min young says:




  36. darilene bacaling says:

    this piece is nice but i recommend you this piece i kill him because i love him

  37. Hodenna Alfafara says:

    please tell me who’s the author of the piece,, Badly needed.. :(

  38. Iamae Acedo says:

    This is nice yun nga lang di pa appropriate sa kiddies..trying to memorize this kasi graded sa school

  39. namster says:

    who’s the author of this piece???

  40. obsessed says:

    I’ll be performing this piece this coming 30th of November. I love the story of this and so easy to memorize. haha

  41. rhia carmela says:

    I actually like this declamation piece. I’ll perform it after 3 days but i’m so nervous coz the character that i’ll perform was raped. It is gonna so hard to perform in front of the class but it was really easy to memorized.

  42. honeyloise says:

    I really love and like this declamation piece.I really want to perform it…….. yeah hehe.. hey yahhhh who’s the author of this declamation piece??? soooooooo great..

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