Declamation Piece: The Lost Girl

“The Lost Girl” Declamation

by dhang



I am a girl, young in heart and in mind…
I am carefree, I enjoy doing nothing
but play,play and play…

I seldom go to school but hmp! nobody cares!
Instead,you will see me roaming around 
standing at the nearby canto,
or hanging around at the sari-sari store
standing beside the jukebox stand…

One day I asked I asked my mother to teach me
how to behave, to live, and appreciate all the 
beautiful things in life.
Would you like to know what she told me?
She said… ” Can’t you see, I have to hurry up for my 
majong session! ” So I turned to my father to console me.
But what a wonderful word he did tell me… 
” Child, I have to finish my overtime work…Here’s 500 pesos,
go and ask your teacher about that question…”

Sadly,I attended my class…
But I heard nothing but the echoing voice of 
my teacher,torturing me with her words…
” Hey yo lazy girl! 
Why waste your time studying those things?
When up to now you can’t even multiply seven by nine?
Go home and don’t bother me!!!”

I am lost…confused…I don’t know what to do with myself…
Where are my parents to guide me? 
My teachers to give me inspirations? 
My friends, when I play?
I’m lazy and irresponsible.

When I try to study,
I get punished for not being able to answer.
Where now…I’m confused…
Somebody, please help me…
You say that the world is beautiful, 
why is it treating me this way?
Hear me please!
Help me please!
Help me…
I am lost…



24 Responses to Declamation Piece: The Lost Girl

  1. qwerty_03 says:

    I read the same piece in another website. The title is different but it’s exactly the same. The difference was

    “Child, here’s 500 bucks, get it and enjou yourself, go and ask your teachers that question”.
    And in school, I heard nothing but the echoes of the voices of my teachers torturing me with these words. “Why waste your time in studying, you can’t even divide 100 by 5! Go home and plant sweet potatoes”.

    the title is “Juvenile Delinquent”. I don’t wanna be harsh but, did you just copy it?

  2. cjAshTarrotTe08 says:

    thnxs for this !! its been a great help !!
    Wish me luck ! <3<3<3

  3. 1DRoseShell says:

    This helps for my Declamation Performance Task Next Week.
    Wish Me Luck :3

  4. 1DRoseShell says:

    This is Like TRUE STORY

  5. zhee kitt says:

    i like so much.. Full of emotion, self-pity, love and care.. THE LOST GIRL..

    That’s why I LOVE DECLAMING..

  6. katty swift says:

    can relate., I really lyk it., have more fun reading here..

  7. mzpain says:

    hi;;SO Great;!Declemation….so b

  8. karz_10 says:

    I like it,aq nman mgdedeclame..the lost girl..

  9. cute1Dfan_berry says:

    I like that declamation. so touch<3

  10. paula mae says:

    so emotional! wish me luck, its my turn now declaiming, my first tym,….

  11. paula mae says:

    great! its a big wow….its my turn now,my very first time to declaim,,,gudluck

  12. jomalyn says:

    NICE :)

    guLUck den saken .. sana mqng mganda din anq mqing performAnce ko bilang si lOST GIRL ‘;)

  13. aziz qumar g karim says:

    NICE ONE………

  14. mixx s.. says:

    i want to try this to memorize..
    i kn0w that this is not a proj. or h.w for me but i want to try so0n as it is..

  15. mixx s.. says:

    this is a fantastic..gud nyt and gud luck to everyone!

  16. i think it would help me for my declamation presentation next 2nd week because it would be great if ill try it maybe the declamation entitled the lost girl has many kapareho in tagalog but this declamation is the best

  17. hasmin :"> says:

    its my turn now ! Its a big help tnx 4 this declaim . Hope 2 heb a best grade .

  18. arielle28 says:

    thanks for this,this was a great help fo me..i lost my copy,but this help me to memorize even if ive lost mine..i wish i will be the one who will represent my school at declamation for the english festival…wish me luck!!

  19. chrishyne missy sibucao says:

    thank for this now i now how to declame now i no how to declame

  20. paopao17 says:


  21. ayami says:

    thanks for this..

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