Declamation Piece “The Rich Man and the Poor Man”

“Food and money I give to you,
Why do you shout so mercily
When I give you your part?”
queried the rich man.

The poor man replied:
“Your question you cannot answer
For from pain and agony you are free,
But I have suffered and borne
The situation that I don’t like to be in.”

“That I couldn’t understand
Because Life for me is easy;
I take this and take that,
And life is just what I want it to be.”
consented the rich man.

“Comfort your mind, rich man,
with realities of death.
Your wealth I do not envy
For you can not buy
eternity with money.
If to live happily
is to live in hypocrisy,
Then I prefer to be silly
so I would be holy.
Life you love so much you will lose
And only then will you understand
What agony is,” the poor man shouted.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! You say so
For you desire this place of mine.
Indulgence you have clouded with reason
But I understand because of your situation.”
boastfully the rich man said.

Outraged the poor man answered:
“How pitiful the person blinded with pleasure;
No, you don’t care of our journey
That you have created through your greediness.
Come now, man of weak soul!
Your days are numbered for you to face
The Man of Love.
You may not cry now but later you will
When the chilling reality of the last judgment
Comes across your way;
Yes, then you will pity, but not for me.
Not for anybody else.
But for yourself only!
Yes, eat, drink, and be merry.
For tomorrow you shall die!

38 Responses to Declamation Piece “The Rich Man and the Poor Man”

  1. christine says:

    it’s nice pero maikli lang….

  2. floramae says:

    im floramae
    only i can say about your declamation,
    its good.
    i like it vry much..
    thats all.

  3. gigi says:

    its nice i like it x0o.. :))

  4. asan says:

    nice declamtion> u write more

  5. miguelgalitof1corregidor(siena) says:

    haha ampuge

  6. --GarRisse '10-- says:

    weeww… this is my oratory piece for english!!! thank God it’s short!!! i won’t have problems for the signing of clearance!

  7. emz says:

    i like the declamation the rich man and the poor man its really nice and i also realize what is the reallity of life..

  8. John says:

    sino ang author please answer before wednesday

  9. jessica says:

    nice!!! thankzz for that i love it!!!! and thankzzz cause i need to declame thizzzz

  10. gin says:

    it is so nice ha….i need to declame thiSsSsss!!!!!…

  11. Nate says:

    the author of this piece is Irwin Shaw …

  12. michyee says:

    hahhaha this is my favorite of all bec it made me the winner of our declamation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. oh no?!!!!!!!!!!I like it very much.We will have a declamation this coming Feb.28,2010 and this is perfect to be my declamation piece!!!LOVE IT!!@@???

  14. jojo says:

    its very nise

  15. mics says: imparts lesson..hehe..

  16. jessica says:

    because of this piece i won in the declamation contest.. :)

  17. rosarie says:

    hi i’m rosarie i can say about this is nice and good tnx.

  18. thea faith eugenio says:

    hehe hirap naman ng declamation piece ko joke ok lang naman pero mahirap pala mag declamation

  19. cil says:


  20. Anne Lina says:

    Wahahaha I need to memorize this fast as possible

  21. Luvin says:

    it is nice

  22. Sammy says:

    I agree wth the story…:) because at the time of Jesus at Israel, being greedy must be punished to death…

  23. frances says:

    thank god its short my declamation piece for nopssea!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. naga reaper says:

    wow :) :(

  25. serapunk says:


  26. akilino says:

    hahahayz yan nga ang project namin mag resite lang kami sa 5th stanza ang na resite ko hahaa

  27. kyla says:

    Wow ang ganda like 1000

  28. kyla says:

    Ang ganda ng declamation na to! Ito na lang ang declamation ko bukas!

  29. shiela says:

    buti na lang nakita ko ito dahil hinahanap ko ito

  30. Zheina says:

    thankz :)

  31. what a nice declamation ito lupet may e dedeclamna ako haha :) XD :V :poop:

  32. a nice declamation ito lupet may e dedeclamna ako haha :) XD :V :poop:

  33. ang lupet nitong declamation XD :V :poop: Xd

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