Short Declamation : Five Loaves of Bread

She stood at the bar of justice

A frightened creature wan and wild—

In form too small for a woman,

In feature too old for a child.

For a look so worn and pathetic

Was stamped on her lovely face

It seemed that years of suffering

Was something time couldn’t erase.


“Your name?” asked the judge as he eyed her.

“Is Anna Ruiz, Sir,” said the girl.

“And your age?” asked the judge again,

Then girl replied, “I’ve turned fifteen.”


“Well Anna, I’m sorry to say,

That you have been charged today

By your town baker who said,

That you stole five loaves of bread


Do you know that stealing is bad?

And that you have displeased our God?

Do you know that you could be jailed?

And cannot be set free or bailed?”

“Your Honor, I know it was wrong,

But day in and out I walked along

Looking for work so I could earn

Even hard jobs, I’m willing to learn.


But fate’s unkind, my father is dead,

My mother is sick and lying in bed,

My brothers and sisters missed six meals,

They asked for food with eyes full of tears.


What could I do to save them from death?

I myself was losing my breath—

So I took the five loaves of bread,

But I’ll pay with services instead.”


There was silence in the courtroom,

That was suddenly filled with gloom.

The women wiped their tears away,

They heaved a sigh and tried to pray.


All dug into their pockets,

And then brought out their wallets

Sounds were heard of golden coins that fall

Into boxes passed around the hall.


The baker stood up and told the judge

“Your Honor, I’m withdrawing my charge.”

 A rich lady gave Anna a job

That helped her and all that she loved.


                                    Adopted from

                                    Guilty or Not Guilty

9 Responses to Short Declamation : Five Loaves of Bread

  1. renel siton says:

    katots hah! nice one pooooh!

  2. Rechelle says:

    i love 8… so nice…………..:)

  3. Vince says:

    nice =D

  4. mitch says:

    nice one …….:) like it! <3

  5. jean madona says:

    nce sana d q lng maintindhan… ..long story ka c…

  6. what a nice declamation!! :)

  7. what does it mean? !! :)

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