Short Declamation: O What Is That Sound?

O what is that sound which so thrills the ear 
Down in the valley drumming, drumming?
Only the scarlet soldiers, dear,
The soldiers coming.

O what is that light I see flashing so clear?
Over the distance brightly, brightly?
Only the sun on their weapons, dear,
As they step lightly.

O what are they doing with all that gear?
What are they doing this morning, this morning?
Only their usual maneuvers, dear,
O perhaps a warning.
O why have they left the road down there?
Or why are they suddenly wheeling, wheeling?
Perhaps a change in the orders, dear.
O haven’t they stopped for the doctor’s care:
Haven’t they reined their horses, their horses?
Why, they are none of them wounded, dear,
None of these forces.

O is it the parson they want with white hair;
Is it the parson, is it, is it?
No, they are passing his gateway, dear,
And now they are running.
O where are you going?  Stay with me, here!
Were the vows you swore me deceiving, deceiving?
No, I promised to love you, dear,
But I must be leaving.
O it’s broken the lock and splintered the door,
O it’s the gate where they’re turning, turning;
Their feet are heavy on the floor
And their eyes are burning.

16 Responses to Short Declamation: O What Is That Sound?

  1. maria isabelle limot says:

    nice hehehe but there’s no exciting topic !♥

  2. rania says:

    nice! :))

  3. Michael says:

    Kindly put a long declamation..
    Because we have to recite in minimum of 3 minutes and maximun of 7 minutes..thank you

  4. ..wee la lng!!!!!!!!!trpp lng!!!!

  5. Danielle says:

    This is good.

  6. ako c unggoy!! says:

    way pulos

  7. ocir says:

    haha … its the best

  8. Emilisa says:

    hahahaha… not funny :))) But its great now I have a declamation to recite Thank’s for this..
    (from california District no. 6)

  9. joy joy says:

    hahahaaaha funny

  10. tulong aman po ng short declamation ang hirap ukas na 2
    help po

  11. kyle venice says:

    hahaha some words are repeated…..<3 but its nice……..

  12. karl vincent says:

    hahahaha its so nice awesome!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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