Speech: Tongue Twister

Ø      A big bug bit a bold bald bear and the bold bald bear bled bloody badly.

Ø      A dozen droopy damsels dawdled despondently down the docks. (3X)

Ø      Auntie Annie asked everybody if anybody was anti-aunties.  If anybody is anti-aunties, which auntie is anybody anti?

Ø      Betty Batter bathed in bathsuds with a bath bun sponge. (3X)

Ø      Chop shops stock chops chopped by the stop and shop chop shop.

2 Responses to Speech: Tongue Twister

  1. edwin dahan says:

    i like the new tongue twisters posted in the page….

  2. darel gumba says:

    gus2 ko ng tongue twister it is very beautiful pitumput puting tupa

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