Jose P. Laurel

Jose P. Laurel was the president during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines (1943-1945).
He was born on March 9, 1891 in Tanauan, Batangas to Sotero Laurel and Jacoba Garcia.
He received his law degree from the university of the Philippines in 1915 and Yale University in 1920.  He was elected to the Philippine Senate in 1925 and appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1936.

During world war II , Laurel was one of the high ranking government officials who choose to remain in manila.  The Japanese appointed him to a series of high posts during the three years military rule.  He was also favored by the Japanese being the only Filipino to hold an honorary degree from Tokyo imperial university in 1943, laurel was the designated Philippine President.
After the war, laurel was charged with treason but was never brought to trial because of the general amnesty given in April 1948.  he was elected senator in 1951.
Laurel’s controversial presidency during the Japanese occupation overshadows his achievements as legislator, jurist, writer and administrator in the pre-war struggle for independence.  He distinguished himself for his advocacy of woman’s suffrage and his sponsorship of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.
Jose P. Laurel died in November 6, 1959.

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