Manuel Acuna Roxas

Manuel A. Roxas was the first president of the third republic of the Philippines.
He was born on January 1, 1892 in Capiz (now roxas city).  He was son of Gerardo Roxas and Rosario Acuna.
After his primary education in Capiz, he went to Hong Kong to study Saint Joseph College.  He continued his secondary education at Manila High School and graduated in 1910. He then studied law at the law school opened by Y.M.C.A., but later transferred to the University of the Philippines.  He finished with honors in 1913.

He was interpreter in the Court of First Instance.  After topping the bar examinations, Roxas was employed as private secretary of Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano.  In 1917 he was appointed to the Municipal Council of Capiz.  Two years later, he was elected provincial governor. In 1922, he was elected representative of the first district of Capiz.  He was voted as the Speaker of the House of Representative, a position he held for 11 years.  He became a member of the Constitutional Convention.  He and Sergio Osmeńa led the Osrox Independence mission to the United States.  He then became a senator and Senate President.
Roxas fought as a soldier during World War II in Bataan, Corrigdor and Visayas.
He won the presidency in 1946,Believing that his nation’s rehabilitation and defense depended on close association with the United States, he accepted terms of aid, trade and military cooperation, including a military bases agreement where the Philippine government was forced to concede 23 military bases which were leased for 99 years.
Delivering a speech at Clark Field, Pampanga, Manuel A. Roxas died of heart attack on April 15, 1948.

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