Sergio Suico Osmeña

Sergio Osemeña Sr. was the first speaker of the National Assembly and the second president of the Philippine Commonwealth.
He was born on September 9, 1878 in Cebu City.  He then studied High School at San Carlos Seminary in Cebu City.  He went to Manila and enrolled at San Juan de Letran, where he met Manuel L. Quezon.

When the Philippine Revolution broke out in 1896, he was on a mission sent by the local leadership to report with General Emilio Aguinaldo the situation in Cebu.  In 1900, he went back to Manila to study law at the University of Sto. Tomas where he was reunited with Quezon.  In 1903, he and his classmates were allowed to take the bar examination even though they hard completed only three years of law.  Osmeña placed second in the bar exams.
At 25, he was appointed acting governor and later, provincial piskal of Cebu.  Two years later, he became the provincial governor.  He resign from his post as governor when the Assemblea Filipina was established in 1907.  he ran and won as representative of the second district of Cebu.  He was then elected as speaker of the assembly, a position he held for the next fifteen years.  He was senator from 1923 to 1935.  He was elected as vice president of the Philippine Commonwealth in 1935.
During World War II, he went with President Quezon in exile to the United States.  Quezon died in 1944 and Osmeña succeeded him as president.  He was president of the country until after the national election of April 1946.
Sergio Osmeña died on October 19, 1961.

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