Segunda Katigbak, Rizal’s first love

There were at least nine women linked with Rizal. These women might have been beguiled by his intelligence, charm and wit.

Rizal came to know Segunda more intimately during his weekly visit to La Concordia College, where his sister Olimpia was a boarding student.  Olimpia was a close friend of Segunda.  That was apparent that Rizal and Segunda loved each other.  Theirs was indeed “a love at first sight”.  But it was hopeless since the very beginning because Segunda was already engage to be married to her townmate, Manuel Luz.  Segunda had manifested by insulation and deeds, her affection for him, but he timidly failed to propose.

Rizal was going home to Calamba, on her part, told him she was also going home one day later.  She kept quiet after her brief reply, waiting for him to say something which her heart was clamoring to hear.

Segunda, the first girl whom he loved with ardent fervor was lost to him forever.  She married Manuel Luz Rizal, a frustrated lover cherishing nostalgic memories of a lost love.

Three years later, Rizal recording his first and tragic romance, said “Ended at an early hour, my first love!  My virgin heart will always mourn the reckless step it took on the flower-decked abyss.  My ilusions return, yes, but indifferent, uncertain, ready for the first betrayal on the path of love”.

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