Luksong Tinik

Play Area:


Any play field or grassy area. Draw a starting line, 6 to 10 meters away from the players that will build hurdle with their hands and feet.



Divide players into two equal groups, Team A and Team B. The team to jump first falls in line behind the starting line.

  1. Two players of Team B form the base of the hurdle by extending their right feet forward and pressing their soles against each other.
  2. One by one, the member of Team A jump over the right feet of the players on base, then return behind the line.
  3. The two seated players of Team B press the soles of their feet together and put them on top of the two right feet.
  4. The jumpers of Team A take turns jumping and returning behind the line again.
  5. One of the seated players stretches one hand and puts it upon the toes of the left while each member of Team A jump over the hand.
  6. The other seated player adds one of her hands to the hurdle. The opponents continue to jump one after the other.
  7. The two seated players keep on adding hands until the hurdle is complete with four hands stacked on top of four feet. The opponents jump every time a hand is added.
  8. If a player of Team A touches any part of the hands while jumping, the two teams exchange places and the game starts all over again.
  9. If a team succeeds in jumping the complete hurdle without touching it with any part of their body or clothes, a point is scored.
  10. The team scoring the most points during the game wins.

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