Play Area:


Draw a number of parallel lines, four or five meters apart. Then draw a perpendicular line to cross the middle of each parallel line.



Divide the players into two teams, each having a captain. One team defends the playing area at the start of the game. Each line is guarded by a player. Usually, the captain is assigned to defend the perpendicular line.

  1. All players of the opposing team start in front of the first line. Their object is to pass through all the lines of the defense and back again to the starting place without being tagged by the guards.
  2. A point is scored whenever one of the offensive players returns to the starting line.
  3. If a member of the offensive team is tagged, the opposing teams change places.
  4. The team scoring the most point during an agreed time wins.
  5. An offensive player commits a foul when he goes outside the side lines.

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