50 Meter Sprint

            This test measures speed.  A stopwatch or wristwatch with a second hand is needed to get the time of each performer.  A clapper may be used by the starter.



  1. Draw two parallel lines 50 meters apart, one to be used as starting line, and another to serve as finish line.
  2. Let the performer/s stand behind the starting line.
  3. On signal “Go” or upon hearing the sound of the clapper, the performer leaves his/her mark to run as fast as he could up to the finish line.
  4. Record the time spent by the performer in running the 50 meter distance.

3 Responses to 50 Meter Sprint

  1. Angerikachelle says:

    ah ok :)) thanks great help

  2. MikhailDC says:

    Eto ay napakagandang site para sa may mga takdang aralin tulad ko. Thanks guyss..! :)

  3. mayateope says:

    anu bayan di ko makita yung hinahanap ko…{:

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