Dual Stunts

Knee Stand


  1. Base performer stands in stride position, about shoulder width apart, with knees slightly bent.  He squats down and places his head between the legs of the top performer.
  2. Top performer places his hands on base performer’s shoulders, while base performer rises up so that top performer is sitting on his shoulders.
  3. Top performer places his feet on base performer’s thighs.  Meanwhile, base performer leans backward for balance, removing his head from between the top performer’s legs and grasps the upper thighs of partner who raises his arms sideward for balance.
  4. Maintain this position for 3-5 seconds.



Knee and shoulder Stand


  1. The base performer lies on his back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and arms up ready to support the shoulder of the top performer.
  2. Top performer stands on the floor, in front of the knees of the base performer.  He places his hands on his partner’s knees, leans forward so his shoulders are supported by the hands of the base performer.
  3. As soon as the top performer’s shoulders are held in a fixed position, he begins to raise his legs until they are in a vertical position.
  4. Top performer should keep his arms straight and his head up so he can look directly into the base performer’s eyes.


 kne&shoulder stand


Note:          Spotters are needed on either side of the pair.  If the top performer begins to fall, the base performer should maintain his support under his shoulder so his partner will be right on his feet.

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  1. sean cabalse says:

    there should at least 5 examples . it is our assignment

  2. lolong says:

    ang tanong ko stunts hindi stand you know

  3. Yan Yan says:

    Mahirap naman dito.hindi mahanap ang eh research mo.

  4. maycee says:

    We need at least 5 because its our assignmet
    Plss add more

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