Handstand is another stunt which needs a spotter.  At the beginning, it can be done with two spotters.  After doing it for several times, one spotter will do.


1.      With both feet on the mat, place hands on the mat approximately shoulder width apart.  Fingers should be spread slightly cupped and pointed straight ahead.

2.      With the body weight well forward on the arms, bend one leg, keeping the other leg straight.  Then kick up with the straight leg and push off with the bent leg.

3.      Continue the upward movement of the legs, ending with the legs, body and arms in a nearly straight line.  The shoulders should be brought back to a point directly over the hands.

Hand stand 

Note:    Handstand can be done easier through the help of one or two spotters.  In double spotting, follow the procedure below.


·        Stay on both side of the performer

·        Have a firm grip beneath the shoulder of the performer.

·        When the legs of the performer go to an upward movement, assist the lift by applying an upward pressure on the thigh of the performer with the other hand.


In single spotting, do the following:


·        Take a stride position with the forward knee slightly bent.

·        Let the performer kneel on one knee with his shoulder against your leg.

·        As the performer goes to a handstand position, catch the legs and hold the performer as shown in the illustration above.

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