Earth’s Water Forms

Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and it is surrounded by big bodies of water.

An Ocean is the biggest body of water.  Big ships travel on oceans between continents.  Some parts of the ocean are very deep.  The ocean contains salt water.

A Sea is a salt water form which is smaller than an ocean. 

A Bay is a body of water which is almost completely surrounded by land, except for the water passage connecting it to the sea.  The bay is the best place in which to build piers.  In the bay, ships may dock safely and load and unload passengers and cargoes.

A Lake is a body of water surrounded by land.  It contains fresh water.  A lake is good for fishing, boating, and swimming.  The largest lake in the Philippines can be found in Laguna.

A River is a current of water that flows downward until it reaches the sea.  Rivers start as underground springs that form brooks and streams.  Some rivers flow rapidly; others flow slowly.

A Spring is a natural source of water that comes from underground. When it rains in the mountains, water seeps in the ground and comes out at the side of the mountain as a spring.

A Waterfall is a body of water that drops from a high place.  Waterfalls are found on hill and mountainsides.  Maria Cristina Falls in Mindanao is a source of hydroelectric power.  Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna is a tourist attraction in our country.

A Pond is still a body of water which is smaller than a lake.  Some ponds dry up during summer.  Ponds are used as drinking places of carabaos and goats.  Some are made by human hands to beautify parks or plazas.

A Geyser is a hot spring with boiling water that often shoots water into the air like a fountain.

A Swamp is a place where the land is muddy and wet.  Many plants such as trees and shrubs grow in swamps.

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