Reflection of Light

Reflection is the bouncing of light waves when they strike a surface.

Incident Rays are the rays of light that strike the surface.

Reflected Rays are the rays of light that bounce off.

Two types of Reflection


  1. Normal Reflection is an image formed that are not scattered so a clear and sharp through reflected rays.  Example: Smooth surface – MIRROR
  2. Diffuse Reflection is a reflection that scattered in different directions and no image is formed. Example: Rough surface – WALLreflections of light

What is a Mirror?


A mirror is a piece of glass with one side painted with a thin layer of shiny metal like silver or aluminium. 

The reflection of an object depends upon the shape of the surface of the mirror.

Three kinds of Mirror

  • Plane Mirror is the most commonly used mirror.  It is designed to give a clear and sharp image or reflection.
  • Concave Mirror is a mirror that is curved inward.  With this, your image looks larger when you look at this mirror.  Headlights, flashlights, car’s rear mirror, bowl of a spoon have concave mirrors.
  • Convex Mirror it is a mirror that is curved outward.  With this, your image looks smaller.  Car’s side mirror, back of a spoon, mirrors that you see in shopping malls.

What is Refraction?

 Refraction of Light

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one transparent substance into another.  As light travels from one transparent substance to another, the light waves change speed and this cause the light to bend or change directions.

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