Health Scientist: Dr. Jossie M. Rogacion


Dr. Jossie Mariano Rogacion was named one of the Outstanding Filipino Scientists in 1996.  Her fields of study include child nutrition, childhood diarrhea, and hematology.  She started the research on improved oral rehydration solutions with the World Health Organization (WHO) when she was the coordinator of the Diarrhea Disease Research Unit of Philippine General Hospital.

Dr. Rogacion is busy with her studies about the use of iron-fortified rice in treating iron-deficiency anemia among children.

2 Responses to Health Scientist: Dr. Jossie M. Rogacion

  1. chinaheart says:

    is she the same jossie rogacion who has clinic at st michael medical specialist, binakayan cavite?

  2. WitchieBarz says:

    wow! you got a great website her…I can some of the declamation piece in my English class…keep up the good work..

    -Witchie barzā™„-

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