Taking Care of the Excretory System

Prevention of the disease and infections of the excretory system.  

1.      Practice a regular bowel movement and urine discharge in clean toilets.  

2.      Drink plenty of water everyday to dilute the formation of salts in the body.

3.      Take a bath regularly to removes the dead skin cells and dirt that may block the pores of the skin.

4.      Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain fibers, it can help in moving bowels regularly.

5.      Avoid eating too much salty and fatty foods, these may cause kidney troubles.

6.      Avoid too much exposure to the sun.  Apply sun block when going to the beach to avoid sunburn.

7.      Exercise regularly to keep your body fit, and it can also makes the lungs and skin more efficient in excreting body wastes.

8.      At the first signs of infection, visit your doctor to avoid further complications.


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