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Declamation Piece: Bad Girl

“Bad Girl” Declamation


Hey! Everybody seems to be staring at me..

You! You! All of you!

How dare you to stare at me?

Declamation Piece: The Lost Girl

“The Lost Girl” Declamation

by dhang



I am a girl, young in heart and in mind…
I am carefree, I enjoy doing nothing
but play,play and play…

Short Declamation : Five Loaves of Bread

She stood at the bar of justice

A frightened creature wan and wild—

In form too small for a woman,

In feature too old for a child.

Declamation Piece: It Is Raining

It is raining.
Where would you like to be in the rain?
Where would you like to be?
I’d like to be on a city street
Where the rain comes driving down
Trying to make things neat
As it washes the houses, roof and wall
The taxis, buses, cars, and all.
That’s where I’d like to be in the rain
That’s where I’d like to be.