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Short Declamation: O What Is That Sound?

O what is that sound which so thrills the ear 
Down in the valley drumming, drumming?
Only the scarlet soldiers, dear,
The soldiers coming.

O what is that light I see flashing so clear?
Over the distance brightly, brightly?
Only the sun on their weapons, dear,
As they step lightly.

Declamation Piece: The Death of Roland

Roland feels his death is near;
His brain is oozing by either ear.
For his peers he prayed.
God keep them well;
Invoked the angel Gabriel.
That none reproach him, his horn he clasped;

Declamation Piece : The Oak And The Reed

The oak one day address the reed:

“To you ungenerous indeed
Has nature been, my humble friend,
With weakness aye obliged to bend.
The smallest bird that flits in air
Is quite too much for you to bear;
The slightest wind that wreathes the lake

Your ever-trembling head does shake.
The while, my towering form
Dares with the mountain top
The solar blaze to stop,
And wrestle with the storm.
What seems to you the blast of death,
To me is but a zephyr’s breath.

Short Declamation : The Charcoal-Burner’s Son


Best Piece for Elocution Contest!

My father he’s at the kiln away.
My mother sits at her spinning;
But wait, I’ll too be a man someday,
And a sweetheart I’ll be winning.
So dark it is far off in the forest.

Short Declamation : My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Went



How do I know that my youth’s all spent?
Well, my get up and go has got up and went.
But in spite of it all, I am able to grin
When I recall where my get up has been.